Need Volunteer Mechanics

I dropped into Bicycles for All and talked to Steve Mays last night. He is a busy guy (he never stops) getting people on bikes. Steve recommended a GT for a Mom working at Subway next door that needed a bike for her son. He threw two 24″ mountain bikes up on the bike stand for a check up for an older gentleman. He chatted with his buddy Dave Stacey who dropped in with his labri-doodle Zoe. This guy is one of the good ones.

If you like bikes, Bicycles for All is a place to check out. It’s loaded with a bunch of bikes including an old JC Penney 5 speed with fenders (sweet!). As well as some classic older road bikes that were ready for a little TLC to get back on the road. If you need a project bike, this is definitely a place to check out.

Steve said he really needs any mechanics that could volunteer some time to work on bikes. If you are interested call 937-985-2004. You will be doing good work for our community that is fun as well.

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