City of Dayton Bike Projects 2019/2020

One silver lining of living through a pandemic has been the explosion in the number of people biking. Though we may not be able to travel in large groups this year, there’s still plenty of new infrastructure to enjoy this summer to help make riding more comfortable. The City of Dayton is set to complete four new bike infrastructure projects this year, but first, we’ll also highlight a couple projects that wrapped up late in the season of 2019. While this post focuses on projects within the City of Dayton, let us know what other parts of the region you’d be interested in hearing about next at Now, let’s get to the projects!

Completed Late 2019

Belmont Walking Path 

Wolf Creek Trail heading east

This biking and walking path connects two sections of Belmont Park, and is accessible from some neighborhood streets off the Iron Horse Trail at Woodbine Ave.

Wolf Creek Extension – This project is the first of several phases to take on road sections of the Wolf Creek Trail along the creek on a separated shared-use path. This section branches off before North Antioch Street and continues for about a quarter of a mile before crossing the Rosedale Ave bridge, then following the north side of Wolf Creek and along West Riverview Ave to Wesleyan MetroPark. 

Construction 2020

Washington Street Sidepath

Construction of a side path along the southside of Washington Street to Veteran’s Parkway is scheduled to be completed this August. The side path creates a connection to the Jefferson Street bike lanes and will be a good alternative route when the Great Miami Riverway is underwater downtown. 

Jefferson St. Bike Lane Reconstruction

Reconstruction of a section of the Jefferson Street bike lanes has begun. From Fifth Street to First Street, the city plans to move the bike lane to the passenger side of parked cars to create Dayton’s first section of protected bike lanes. A five foot buffer will also be added between the cars and bike lane to avoid dooring. 

Sinclair College Bike Lanes

Sinclair College is close to wrapping up their campus transformation! Connect to the Great Miami River Trail via the bike lanes painted on Fourth St. and Fifth St. through campus. 

Right-Sizing Springfield St.

Phase two of the Springfield Street reconstruction is completed as well. First Street to Loanoak was completed last year. Phase two will take bike lane construction from Loanoak to McFadden. This section will be an alternative route when the Mad River floods the trail.  Phase three has also started construction and may finish by the end of the year or next May/June.

Be sure to check out all of these projects this summer and enjoy the ride!

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