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Bicycling Education or Instructor-Led Rides

We offer in-classroom bike education and on-street small group riding programs for adults. Each program is different depending on what you want to learn. Bike Friendly Driver presentations are free and our on-street/on-bike How We Roll program (Program Fees $) are the two options of courses.

Our How We Roll group rides offer an on-road experiential learning opportunity in which participants learn bicycle law and practice positioning themselves on the road for maximum visibility and predictability. This award-winning program featured in the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly America Guide 2012, highlighting the work of Yay Bikes! who created the curriculum and trained Bike Miami Valley staff to implement the program in the greater Dayton region.

Link to Ride Request Form for How We Roll [click here]

All requested rides have an associated cost for service:
1 Group Ride = $300.00 (recommended for smaller organizations)
Contracted 3-Ride Set = $800.00 (recommended for medium/larger organizations)

*A $50 deposit fee is required for the instructor’s time and planning, this is non-refundable if your party cancels.

Call Bike Miami Valley staff at 937-496-3825 or email us at

Photo Credit: City of Troy

How We Roll is an innovative cycling education that forsakes the classroom for a fun, informative, on-bike experience. This unique cyclist education program is designed to teach people how to ride bicycles confidently in traffic, foster a positive bike culture, and reduce the incidence of bike/car crashes. A safety curriculum is the backbone of the ride experience. Instructors describe and teach participants how to be visible and predictable and follow traffic law.

How We Roll FAQs

Q: What should I bring to the ride?

A: Bring a bike in good working order (we cannot repair or tune-up bikes for you), a helmet that fits, a filled water bottle, your phone, and a small snack. Please prepare for any weather with layers or sunglasses. If you do not have a bike or helmet, let your ride instructor know ahead of your ride. Please bring a small backpack or shoulder bag to carry any loose objects.

Q: What happens on these rides?

A: Your group will ride together for short segments and stop to chat about different components along the riding route. The ride will travel at a leisurely pace, with minimal talking so each person can pay attention to what is going on around them. Your instructors will lead the group and make sure everybody stays together. We will start and finish at a pre-selected location, traveling 4-7 miles on a pre-determined route specifically tailored to your group’s on-street riding experience level.

Q: What if I can’t stay the entire time?

A: If you are not sure you can commit to the entire ride or participate until the program concludes, we request that you refrain from signing up. This is our policy in order to deliver a succinct program and respect everyone’s time. If there is an emergency preventing you from finishing the course, our instructors will work with you and an emergency contact listed on your sign up.

Q: What about rain or other bad weather?

A: We will not ride in lightning or thunderstorms or heavy snow/ ice conditions. We will, however, continue our scheduled rides in light rain, light snow, and cold or hot conditions. Please pay attention to your email and phone for any cancellation announcements. We will do our best to notify everyone about changes 1 hour prior to the start time.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Wear what you need to be comfortable. Cycling-specific clothing is not required. Our rides are at a leisurely pace, often stopping to take breaks. Please plan for the weather – hot weather means loose, breathable clothes, sunglasses, and sunscreen. While cold weather should have you dressing in layers like a coat, pants, gloves, sturdy shoes, and other layers to add/remove. For rain, plan to have a change of clothes for afterward or a simple rain poncho is super handy. Helmets are required for each participant. You can borrow a helmet if you need one, just notify our instructors beforehand.

Q: What if my friend is going but I didn’t sign-up, can I go too? And/or someone else signed up but said I could just step in for them, is that cool?

A: In order to conduct a successful ride, we must limit our group size. With that policy in mind, we do not allow additional last-minute participants or replacements without prior approval from our instructor team. This is to provide a succinct and successful program for everyone, ensuring all participants have received appropriate communication before showing up. We appreciate advance notification if more participants from your organization are interested, there could be another ride on a different date.

Q: Can I bring my child or children?

A: Currently, our programs are targetting adults only. If you wish to get your children or child comfortable riding in traffic, please contact us beforehand and we will connect you to other resources targetting youth on bikes.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for this on-bike experience?

A: After gathering required riding items and personal comfort items, just wait for an email confirmation and please complete our online survey. Don’t stress about getting in shape or being able to ride fast, our rides are designed for everyday people by trained instructors. Please keep an eye on your email for other communication from our instructors. If you have last minute changes and need to cancel, please contact us immediately so we can take you off the list and fill the vacancy.

Miami Valley Cycling Summit: The 2019 Cycling Summit was held in Miamisburg on May 10, 2019. The Miami Valley Cycling Summit is an event aimed at reaching cycling advocates, policymakers, and the local business community and conveying to them the importance of a vibrant cycling community that can drive economic improvements.

Link Bike Share: Launched in May 2015. Based on your feedback and our feasibility study, downtown Dayton is ready for bike share. Stations for bike docks have popped- up all over downtown. Bikes are available for check-out through 24-hr day passes, annual memberships or semester passes for students. All check-outs are in 30-minute increments so you can share the Link Bike love with the community. Learn more at