Bicycles for All

I talked to¬†Bicycles For All at “Bike to Work Day” and they are doing something truly awesome for the community! Bicycles For All is a nonprofit volunteer organization whose mission is to provide resources to the community that promote bicycling for transportation, recreation and sport. It is not a bike shop that sells cool new bikes and colorful clothing. Instead, Bicycles For All is a place to donate your old bike, pick up a used bike, hang out and read about bike stuff, learn how to maneuver in traffic, clean and fix your bike, learn how to fix a flat tire, and more.

Bicycles For All aims to be a resource for all types of bikers and wannabe bikers. You don’t have to wear spandex and funky shoes to benefit from this organization. They help commuters and BMXers, experienced and learners, soccer moms and retirees, kids and grandparents, roadies and mountain bikers, and even democrats and republicans!






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