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We are working to make cycling a form of active transportation in the region.  It is about creating momentum and bike advocacy for a true lifestyle change that starts with small steps.  As Americans, we love our cars, no doubt about that. We think nothing of driving less than a mile to the bank, the store or even from one parking lot to another at a shopping center. Instead, save money, reduce stress, and help transform our streets into places for people, whether on a bike or walking on the sidewalk.

Try Biking Around Where You Live:

  • Start by finding an affordable bike in good working condition. See our list of local bike shops.
  • Take your bike out on quiet neighborhood streets, paved trails, etc. and ride around for 10-15 minutes getting comfortable with braking, changing gears, and adjusting your seat if needed.
  • Practice riding with a buddy or a social club. There are many groups that you can join!
  • Set a GOAL! Bike for fun, for your health, with your kids, to save the environment – whatever gets you pushing your pedals.

Try Biking to Work:

As our waistlines – and our dependence on foreign oil – increase, the quality of our life and air decrease. But it’s not as if we are trying to pollute our environment or be less active, it’s just become second nature to grab the keys and go.  But there’s a better way. Residents of the Greater Dayton Region have a unique opportunity to make a change and positively affect the environment in which we live, work and play.

Information on Smart Cycling:

Reasons You Should Hop on a Bike:

Why Local Businesses and Policy Makers Should Support Biking:

Tips for Bike Commuters

Understand Bike Laws Before You Ride

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