Membership Time: Join or Renew Today!

Do you ride bicycles, own a bicycle, or just love the thought of living in a bicycle-friendly community?

Now is the time to join Bike Miami Valley by becoming a card-carrying member/bike advocate. If you had a membership in 2016, now is the time to renew it!

As a member and advocate of Bike Miami Valley, you get some perks of course:

  • A shiny new 2017 membership card
  • Member discounts at 10+ retailers and shops
  • A cool Bike Miami Valley sticker
  • A FREE Link Dayton Bike Share 24 hour-pass
  • Updates about local bike-related projects, training webinars, and events
  • The priceless feeling of knowing you pledge support to our non-profit’s hard work

Frequently Asked Questions About Membership

  • What does is cost? Answer: $25 for Individuals or just $50 for Family Unlimited
  • Who can join? Answer: Anybody….yes, anybody. But we encourage folks from the Miami Valley area, including but not limited to: Clark, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, and Warren counties.
  • Why are there Chapter memberships? Answer: Some communities are taking bicycle-friendliness to the next level and have formed an official Chapter under the Bike Miami Valley umbrella. The funds pledged to that Chapter, directly benefit their local efforts. We are all speaking the same language – BIKES – so we support specific communities that are united by our trail network.
  • Does my membership expire? Answer: YES! Each year on December 31st memberships expire. You must renew your membership sometime (hopefully early) within the new year to keep taking advantage of your membership discounts.
  • Can I get a membership as a gift for someone else? Answer: Yes, sure. Give us a call so we know who to mail the welcome letter to.
  • How does this membership discount thing work? Answer: We have an arrangement with many local businesses and retailers who support bicycling and realize that customers can arrive on 2 wheels, not just 4. You simply show your shiny membership card at checkout and receive the discount. Be sure to check our website details about any changes or additions to the list of businesses.
  • What forms of payment do you take? Answer: We take credit cards or checks my mail. Check out our ‘Become a Member’ tab for further details.
  • What does my membership really support? Answer: Glad you asked… Your membership not only helps us fulfill our mission to advocate, promote, and create opportunities for bicycling….but it also helps us: send out up-to-date Action Alerts, get bike racks installed, get bike repair stations in place, plan and put on bike education courses/programs, schedule and offer bike valet parking at events, and allow staff to coordinate bike advocacy campaigns like our Bicyclists Guide to Voting.

What are you waiting for…..join TODAY!

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