Bike Share Study

Should the Dayton region have a bike share?  That’s the question a committee of Bike Miami Valley is investigating through its Bike Share Study project.

A bike share could have significant benefits for Dayton.  Bike shares make other forms of transportation more convenient, they encourage healthy living, and increased bicycle traffic will make our streets more vibrant.  However, bike shares aren’t cheap, so we need do our homework first.  That’s why this committee is putting the Dayton region under the microscope to study the factors that have proven to be predictors of a bike share’s success.  It’s not rocket science – bike shares do the best where there are the most people and the most places to go (think jobs, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc.).  We plan to roll all this up the same way Seattle did with its study back in 2010, plus make some recommendations to the community on the best bike share model for the Miami Valley.

Have an opinion on a possible bike share in Dayton?  Take our survey by clicking here.

If you want to help or just learn more about the study, contact Scott Murphy at

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