Bike Miami Valley’s mission is simple: to advocate, promote, and create opportunities for all forms of cycling in the Miami Valley region. The success of the mission and the ability for us to be effective is dependent upon the actions of advocates and grassroots efforts making a difference.

The work of not only creating a non-profit but running one can be a hefty dose full of dull tasks that sometimes detract from the reason why we got involved in this movement to begin with because we love to ride our bikes. The intention is to help local advocacy groups or chapters to spark change much faster.

What the region also needs is a unified voice, reflective of the communities surrounding our great paved trail system, not a sprawling network of separate groups with widespread inefficiencies to detract from the overall goal – bicycle friendliness. By being one collective entity with supporters on the ground, sharing the same message, we are able to cover the local and regional issues and are better poised to have a greater citizen mass, a focused vision, and a stronger voice to improve bicycling no matter where someone lives.

The Bike Miami Valley Chapter program is based on a mutually beneficial strategy. By creating joint memberships, revenue sharing, administrative support, and communication outlets we become an efficient and effective grassroots organization and a support network for all things cycling-related for our community partners.

The goal is to achieve victories related to improving bicycling in the Miami Valley. No one appreciates being told what to do on their own turf. And each community has different characteristics with unique advantages to address their needs.

Won’t you consider joining your local Chapter or starting a new one in your city? Become a member or contact us today about how to get started organizing.

Bike Yellow Springs – President, Marcia Sauer & Treasurer, Gary Zaremsky: 

Meets Monthly on the 3rd Monday at 12 noon at Yellow Springs Library on 415 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs, OH.

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Bike Centerville – President, John Kesler & Treasurer, Lucy Sanchez: &  

Meets monthly, 2nd Thursday at 6:30 PM at Five Seasons Sports Club, 4242 Clyo Road, Dayton, OH.
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Bike Piqua – President, Susan Curtis & VP, Jeff Lange:  & 

Meets January-April, 4th Monday at 12 noon, locations TBD; May-Sept as needed.

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Bike Springfield – President, Claudia Fett & VP, Scott King:

Meets monthly 2nd Thursday at 6:00 PM, location Police Substation on 17 W. Johnny Lytle Avenue, Springfield, OH.

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